Play Therapy Process

A Child may be referred by a parent, teacher, carer or social worker.

Initial contact, over the phone or in person, provides an opportunity to discuss the situation and to decide if play therapy could be a useful intervention for the child at this point in time.

Intake interviews are held with relevant persons e.g. parent(s)/carers, teachers etc. Important information is shared, contracting documents completed and appropriate consent obtained.

Sessions will usually be held wherever the play therapist practices, unless the referral is in conjunction with an organisation, such as in a school, where there is a suitable private room in which to conduct sessions. For such instances many play therapists have an extensive mobile play therapy kit.

While the child is attending, review meetings are held periodically with the parent’s or carers and other relevant parties. Regular contact ensures that both the child and their carers are best supported throughout the process where necessary, the need for parallel supports for parents/siblings/carers can be explored and sourced.